Wealthy Affiliate Community! What is that?

I am very happy to meet you through this content. Last time I was telling you about Love, what is love, which kind of love we have to feel one another in our every day relationship’s lifestyle and how we can manifest it. Today I am going to tell you about one online platform which is very different with others I have ever seen. This platform is called WEALTHY AFFILIATE COMMUNITY. This online program is made to solve problems of everyone due to defaults of money. So, what is Wealthy Affiliate Community? Where is it located? How is it operating? What is making Weathy Affiliate the most and the best program of thousands of affiliate programs? How someone can join it? I am going to give you the answers of these questions!

What is Wealthy Affiliate Community?

Wealthy Affiliate Community is an online platform created in 2005 by two very bright and kind men KYLE an CARSON KYLE


They are full of goodness and compassion, they don’t support someone who fails his/her life. That is why they have decided to create this platform in order to help others to fulfill their dreams of life. And they have succeeded because nowadays Wealthy Affiliate contains more over one million of online entrepreneurs and marketers.

Why they have chosen to help others? They would have made business for themselves without helping others. It is because they have something very common and important in their hearts: compassion and love. They are very humanists and kinds.

Where Wealthy Affiliate Community is located? It is located in CANADA. It really exists and it is an online Affiliate program.

How Wealthy Affiliate Community works? Wealthy Affiliate helps people to create their own online business and to promote their products and gain money. It helps also people who don’t have their own products to promote others’ products and earn money in return by commissions. The money someone can earn depend upon how much time he/she is spending at WA. Wealthy Affiliate Community teaches everyone at different levels in order to help him/her to succeed and achieve its goals. In other words, it joins producers with internet marketers and customers.

There are over 3,75 billion people in the world who are using internet. This represents a very big market all over the world.

Internet Users in the World!

Internet users in the World.

Nowadays, the world business is changing slowly. Before there were physical traders but today most trades are made via internet. By the evolution of the technologies, you can make a business with someone who is at 20.000km from you and having your goods in a short time, without leaving your home, your country. All is done on computer or smartphones. To invest in an online business is nowadays the right way of becoming rich. The market is very huge and vast.

On WA, all things are done in 4 steps:

Step 1: Choose an interest. Something you are passionate to do. Or something else you want to do.

Step 2: Build a website. At WA, to build a website is very easy. In 30 secs only.

Step 3: Attract visitors. Once website built, you write contents and start attract people.

Step 4: Earn revenue. When you will get traffic, people will start to buy products.

At every step there are a lot courses related on it so that everyone could understand everything and the whole procedure. There are a lot of experts at every step to help everyone to do everything correctly. So, to have a place at WA doesn’t require to be expert in choosing interest, nor in building websites, nor in attracting visitors, nor in earning money. The only things required to everyone are: Target, Time, Internet connection, Laptop or iPad or iPod, and determination. The rest is easy and simple.

What is made WA the best affiliate program among thousands of programs? Like other affiliate programs, WA is very affordable. It charges everyone who is using its services at a low cost. But the cost is very low comparatively to other affiliate programs because the first objective of its founders is helping people. These charges are used to maintain WA in good health of functionality. Workers must be paid and taxes as well. And this cost is made so that it could be affordable to everyone. Imagine to pay 49$ of monthly membership and gain more than 5000$ per month or more than 5000$!

You may have been registered in another affiliate program, you may also have tested a lot of affiliate programs but there is no other one comparable to WA. The way they teach new comers, the way we are helping each one within WA, the way membership is not changing every time (for 10 years ago, there was no hangmen of membership fees) while others are changing every time, or changing when you are growing up in revenue, make WA the best one and it will remain the best one, affordable one, lovable one, trusted one and greatest one ever seen in the world.

How someone can join WA? To join wealthy Affiliate is very easy. Click on the link below, and make a registration. After registration, you will find there and other things will be going on within WA. I would like to invite everyone from around the world who will read this content, and who has an income under 300$ per month or everyone who needs to increase his/her revenue to join Wealthy Affiliate immediately. You will not stay the same and you will never regret your decision of joining Wealthy Affiliate. There is not anywhere else he/she can fulfill this dream.

Click here and make registration!


In conclusion, I would like to say that WA is made for everyone. You saw through this content what is WA, its location, how it is working, how someone can join it. So, it is time for you to make a good decision. I know most people from Africa, Asia, South America need to change their are wealth and their are revenue. This platform is made for you! I am from Africa, especially in Burundi, I know very well what I am talking about. To live a poorness life is the most bad thing ever seen in the world someone can experience. Then, do not hesitate to take decision or waste your time thinking a lot. Take decision of joining WA right now. You will not be the same.

The following time, I will especially talk to people who has income under 300$ per month and show them how they can improve their incomes and change their well-being!

You may have questions about what I have written here, don’t hesitate to ask me whatever you like. I will be glad to reply you! I am here for you! Thanks!

May our Almighty GOD bless you all!

Thank you!

Always Be Positive and Practice Love.

Most people in this world are facing bad circumstances happen to their lives. Ones are loosing their jobs, others members of their families, others their investments, others are facing the war in their countries and being forced to become refugees, … All of this are happening because there is something very important missed in our everyday lives: LOVE.

Before going deeply, I would like to give you the real meaning of LOVE. LOVE is an intimate connection between human beings. I am not here to teach you how to love, I know you already know how love is and most of you are experiencing the fruitfulness of love. There is nothing good in this world than to love and to be loved. Everyone, white or black, yellow or green, young or old, man or woman, tall or short, needs love and can give everything in order to get true love. Everyone can love and be loved too. The problem is that we always don’t know which kind of love we are feeling between us.

According to the Holy BIBLE, there is 3 kinds of love. Agape, Phileo and Eros. Agape is an unconditional love. It is the love you can feel toward a person simply because he is a Human Being like you, without attending something from him in return. This love is the same as GOD love us. John chapter 3 verse 16: For GOD so loved the world, that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life. Phileo is a conditional love. It is simply the love between persons who have something in common. Example: Family, Country, Nationality, Political Party, Business, Sport Team, Job, Wealthy Community, ..The issue of this kind of love is that when there isn’t such thing in common, the love ends immediately. Eros is the love between two persons of different sexes. It is the love between a Man and a Woman, between a Boy and a Girl. The essence of this kind of love is sex. Without sex there is no such love. When it happens to one to have disability of his/her sex, the love is end. This kind of love is the only one which is very known and more operated in the world. But this is not the real one we have to get between us as Human Beings!

So, the love I am focusing here is Agape. Why this love is very important in our everyday life? When you love someone, you want him to live happily and peacefully, to succeed in his projects, to prosper. Brief, you want him to have good life and not bad life. Where there is love there is no poverty, no war, no selfishness, no hatred. Instead, there is peace, joy, wealth, support, prosperity, everything good a person can want and desire. So, why are we not practicing love one another? This is a question everyone can ask himself and get a response.

The truth is that every Human Being from all the corners of the world, from all religions or not, needs to live peacefully, in happiness and in success, in wealth condition and no in poorness condition. The reason why there is war everywhere in the world is that some groups of people are self-centred. They want to eat themselves while others are suffering from hunger and diseases. Those people are using their power to steal and spoil others’ resources and make war to fulfill their desire of domination. By doing this they forget that they cannot have peace in their heart. GOD gave us the biggest commandment. A NEW COMMANDMENT I GIVE YOU, THAT YOU LOVE ONE ANOTHER, JUST LIKE I HAVE LOVED YOU; THAT YOU ALSO LOVE ONE ANOTHER. John Chapter 13 verse 34.

In this world, resources are not a problem. The only problem is that they are not equitably shared among people. There is competition in searching different kinds of resources, trough this competition, conflicts are risen up and very often they finish in war, devastating civil wars. And where there is war there is poverty, there are diseases and finally there is death and no development.

In conclusion, we have to change our minds of selfish and our ways of thinking. We are all Human Beings, we all need to live, to eat, to prosper, to be developed, to be protected, to work and to be well-treated with care and good salaries. We all need security in everyday lives. The good news is that all those good things we need are possible to get with love. Let us Practice love and forgiveness in our everyday lives, in our families, at our jobs, at our schools and universities, and everywhere we are in contact with people. Think about the well-being of others before we do it for us. And before act think of the good impact this action will occur to others. If we find this action we want to set up is harmful to others, simply let it down for ever. Start work in community as we are doing in Wealthy Affiliate Community. We are helping one another in our diversity. We are experiencing the love agape between us. Then, do you need to transform your life? Do you need to participate in the positive world’s transformation? Come in our community and join with us, Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Next time, I will tell you about the goodness of Wealthy Affiliate Community and how it is working and how it contributes in world development. But before, you may need to join this famous and wonderful Community. Simply click here on the link below and make registration. You will be welcomed to our great Community.


If you have any question or comment of this message, do not hesitate to ask! Iam here for you!

Thank you!





About Fulgence

First of all i greet everyone from my heart. I welcome you here to my website, the place where we are going to learn a lot of things which will change us, will change our everyday lives and will change our environment and beyond will change this world.

My name is Fulgence. I am burundian. I am 39 years old. My childhood period was not good to me because  i lost all my parents and 90% of my relatives because of civil war of 1993. I became very poor, but by the help of GOD i finished my secondary and university studies because i was brillant at school. Now i am a Government’s worker with a small wage. By the time, i realised that many Government Leaders in most of countries all over the world are not concerned with the fact of fighting against poverty. Instead they are the source of poverty in their countries. So, i was thinking a lot how to change the situation and i realised that it is possible and we can change everything.That is why i have decided to create this website in order to teach everyone who is in the same situation like me how we can fight against poverty. It is not my only war, it is our war, your war. Myself cannot do nothing, but together we will succeed. Thank you!

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,